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Family Food Patch Project

Family Food Patch aims to improve the nutrition and physical activity knowledge and skills of parents of young children by training peer educators (Family Food Educators) from communities throughout Tasmania. The term "peer educator" refers to someone who shares characteristics of his or her peers but receives special training to provide information back to their community.

What do Family Food Educators do?

Family Food Educators promote good nutrition and physical activity in their local community and are able to share knowledge and experiences with other parents. They can do this in a variety of formal and informal ways.

Some examples include:

  • Giving talks to parent and community groups
  • Showing parents and children how to prepare and cook some healthy snacks and lunches
  • Putting up displays at childcare centres, schools, and community events
  • Discussing children's food issues with parents and friends, (but do not provide specific dietary advice)
  • Discussing ways to get kids to become more physically active
  • Working with schools to develop healthy canteen menus

The Family Food Patch project is funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund and is a partnership between the Child Health Association, Playgroup Tasmania, Department of Health & Human Services and Eat Well Tasmania.

Become a Family Food Educator

Family Food Educators are volunteers (usually parents) with an interest in nutrition and children. Family Food Educators attend a free short course in nutrition and physical activity and children, organised by the Family Food Patch team.


The benefits of being a Family Food Educator vary depending on the person, but can include:

  • Developing confidence, skills and knowledge in the area of child nutrition and encouraging physical activity
  • Meeting other like minded people
  • Feeling good about contributing to the health of young Tasmanians

Here are some quotes from current Family Food Educators:

' I think there's a fair need for it ..especially..the amount of media pressure - on healthy eating and things like that, but it also tends to be a very negative focus'

'Personally I think we all know we're doing this because we know it's beneficial .'

'Now confident to open up a discussion about food'

'Loved it' 'Gives you a purpose'

Want more information about becoming a Family Food Educator? Contact:

Family Food Patch Project

Telephone: (03) 6224 9198


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